티스토리 뷰

시간의 시작

 중학교 같은 반의 구스노세 료 (楠瀨良 1951- , 저서:서러브렛(Thoroughbred)은 하늘도 난다), 왜 자서전에 등장하나 했더니 좋아했던 여학생과 결혼해 버렸다.

인터넷을 검색해보니 경주마 방면의 꽤 전문가이다.

 그냥 가기 미안했는지 그가 말했다는 그림 이야기가 나온다.

 모리스 위트릴로(Maurice Utrillo 1883.12.25- 1955.11.5)   모딜리아니 --> 유명하니 생략벤샨(1898-1969)1954년 미군 수폭실험으로 발생한 죽음의 재를 덮어 쓴 일본 원양 참치어선 다이고후쿠류마루(第五福?丸)에 대한연작회화 럭키 드래곤을 그림이 사건은 더 공부할 가치가 있어 보인다.

[시간의 시작] 의 매력 포인트

뒤지면 나온다.

The Tragic Accident of the Fishing Boat "Lucky Dragon"æ�PHOTO : Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Daigo Fukuryumaru (the Fifth Lucky Dragon)第五福?丸事件久保山愛吉と第5福?丸の??æ�Wikipedia..................................................Report by Shoji UmetaBefore dawn of March 1st in 1954, the U.S. hydrogen bomb "Bravo" blew up at the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The power was 1,000 times more than the A-bomb on Hiroshima. The Daigo Fukuryumaru (the Fifth Lucky Dragon), a tuna fishing boat, was operating near the Rongelap Atoll, which was thought to be outside the warning area and was about 160km away from Bikini Atoll. A few hours later, radioactive pieces of coral reef called "Ash of Death" poured down on 23 crew members of the boat.Something strange appeared on their body on the way to their mother port, Yaizu. As March 14 approached, the arrival date in Yaizu Port, almost all crew members' skin became inflamed, they felt listless, they were vomiting, and their hair fell out. After entering the port, a doctor diagnosed that all of them had acute radiation diseases. They were transferred to Tokyo University Hospital and the National Tokyo Daiichi Hospital from a local hospital.On September 23 of the same year, Aikichi Kuboyama, radio operator of the Fifth Lucky Dragon, died of lung failure despite the Japanese people's wishes for his recovery.Piecing together detailed-analyses of the crew members' activities on the boat, scientists calculated how much radiation an individual crew member was exposed to. According to their calculation, the highest was 710 roentgens and the lowest was 170 roentgens. 700 rem (one roentgen is almost one rem) is a fatal dose for humans. A semi-lethal dose is 400 rem. Judging from that, we can understand that the Fifth Lucky Dragon was exposed to a high level of radiation.In May 1955, 14 months later after they were exposed to radiation caused by the U.S. H bomb test near Bikini Atoll, all 22 crew members left the hospital. But doctors in charge emphasized the following three points: the difficulty in forecasting the patients' prognosis, need of long term observation, and that leaving the hospital does not mean recovery.So, how is the victims' progress since then? As of today, 11 members including Kuboyama have died. The number is nearly a half out of 23 members. Eight out of 11 died of liver diseases such as liver cancer. Two other people, one who died in an accident and one who died of a cerebral infarction suffered from cirrhosis and liver function problems respectively. The average age of the 10 dead crew members was 56 years old, too young to die of liver cancer.The right course would have been to demand compensation from the U.S. for the Fifth Lucky Dragon. But the U.S. government argued that their action was not against international law. In the same manner, the Japanese government failed to blame the U.S. for its responsibility for damages to the victims of the H-bomb test. The Japanese and the U.S. governments, with exceptional speed, came to a political settlement in regard to fishery compensation of 2 million dollars. The crew members were paid between 1.91 million yen and 2.29 million yen in compensation, but expenses spent until that time were subtracted from the compensation. In a political settlement, which was reached behind their backs, ignoring their human rights, the crew members of the Fifth Lucky Dragon ceased to be Hibakusha, although they were undoubtedly Hibakusha. They have been until today without receiving any Hibakusha relief measures.Almost all survivors are infected with C-type hepatitis from blood transfusions given as a remedy after the radiation exposure near Bikini Atoll and they must live with the ongoing anxiety about possible aftereffects of the radiation. In this context, anti-nuclear weapons activists in Shizuoka Prefecture formed an association to support Hiroshi Kozuka, former crew member who has been hospitalized repeatedly because of his C-type hepatitis. Consulting with the Liberty Lawyers Guild (Jiyu Hosodan), we applied for "seamen's medical insurance" as a minimum compensation.The Shizuoka Prefectural government unjustly rejected this application. But our persistent efforts succeeded in urging the Social Insurance Appeals Committee of the Health and Welfare Ministry to accept Kozuka’s claim. The Committee over-ruled the Shizuoka governor's decision. Then, Matashichi Oishi who now lives in Tokyo applied for the same insurance to the Shizuoka Prefectural government and his claim was also accepted. Such an epoch-making victory was the first step towards realizing relief measures for the crew members of the Daigo Fukuryumaru (the Fifth Lucky Dragon).The Flag of the Shipæ�Daigo Fukuryu Maru ExhibitionAikichi Kuboyama, the first victim of the H-test, said in his will that he would be the last victim of A & H bombs. His wife Suzu also demands that a world without any nuclear weapons should be realized sometime during the lifetimes of the Hibakusha and their families. And, in Shizuoka Prefecture, we carry out March 1st Bikini Day events every year mainly in Yaizu City.In solidarity with Shizuoka Prefecture, the mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki send a message to the March 1st Bikini Day Rally. The Shizuoka governor, the Shizuoka Prefectural Assembly chair, and 75 municipality heads and assembly chairs (the number is almost all municipalities in Shizuoka Prefecture) also show their support for the rally. In recent years, we have been making efforts to develop cooperation with a wider range of the prefectural people.Especially, in Yaizu City, where the home port of the Fifth Lucky Dragon is located, we have organized the March 1st Bikini Day Rally for the last two years with the participation of the Yaizu mayor, deputy mayor, treasurer, Yaizu City Assembly chair, former director of Local Authorities Confederation, former crew members of the Fifth Lucky Dragon and their families, religious people, doctors, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Yaizu City, company presidents, fishermen's cooperative in Yaizu and Ogawa cities, and the Yaizu fisheries promotion center. We achieved the rally with literally all citizens' participation. Encouraged by the Japanese Federation of Democratic Medical Institute (Min-iren). Shizuoka Doctors' Association for Health Insurance took part in the organizing committee for the March 1st Bikini Day Rally in Shizuoka this year for the first time.I believe that through the March 1st Bikini Day Rally, Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki along with victims of nuclear arms development throughout the world will band together, show the world the truth of effects of nuclear weapons, and urge nuclear weapons possessing countries to abandon their nuclear weapons. I can say with great confidence that this progress will pave the way for the total ban on nuclear weapons.� Shoji Umetawww10.plala.or.jp/antiatom/ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Picture Series by BenShahnAnger and form in the work of Ben ShahnBy Joanne Laurier, 1999Common Man, Mythic Vision: The Paintings of Ben Shahn, a retrospective organized by the Jewish Museum in New York City, is now on display at its third and final location, the Detroit Institute of Arts, through October 31. The exhibit consists of 43 of Shahn's works painted between 1936 and 1965, focusing on the artist's post-World War II evolution.Benjamin Zwi Shahn was born on September 12, 1898 in Kovno, Lithuania. Shahn's father, Joshua, escaped czarist persecution of his socialist activities and traveled to Sweden, England and finally the United States, where he was reunited with his family and settled in Brooklyn, New York.At the age of 14, Ben was taken out of school by his mother to become a lithographer's apprentice. World War I interrupted his plans to study art in Europe. Between 1919 and 1921, he attended New York University, the City College of New York and the National Academy of Design, and from 1925 to 1929 traveled throughout Europe and North Africa and studied in Paris. Inevitably, as a sympathizer of the Russian Revolution and the cause of socialism, Shahn came under the influence of the Communist Party, already firmly Stalinized. This was to have considerable consequences for his subsequent development, a subject about which the exhibit's catalogue is entirely silent. He died March 14th 1969 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.snipMuch of Shahn's work on exhibit from his two final decades make visual reference to the dangers of nuclear holocaust. The exhibit ends with selections from Shahn's last series of drawings and paintings,  The Saga of the Lucky Dragon (1960-1962).The work refers to a highly publicized incident in which a Japanese fishing boat, with 23 fishermen on board, strayed within the range of American hydrogen-bomb testing near the Bikini atoll in the Pacific in March 1954. One of the fisherman, Aikichi Kuboyama, died of disease caused by the fallout. The ink painting, Kuboyama (1961), bears the likeness of a Japanese warrior.Barely perceptible between the brow and the ear is a beast, symbol of nuclear explosion. Speaking about the series, Bernarda Bryson Shahn notes: “More than any other of his works, grouped or singly, they established him in his world, expressed his relationship to it, told the role that he wanted to play in it.”The Saga of the Lucky Dragon was shown in New York City in the fall of 1961, only months after the failed American invasion of Cuba, the Bay of Pigs.Illustrates article in Harper’s about the Lucky Dragon, a fishing boat caught in atomic test fallout."His Widow" (1957) from the Lucky Dragon seriesBrush and ink, 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"� Estate of Ben Shahn /Licensed by VAGA, New York, NYhttp://www.njn.net/artsculture/shahnThere is also a book about this eventKuboyama and the saga of the Lucky Dragonby Richard Hudson, Ben Shahn , 1965그녀에게 보낸 "너는 사형수이자 사형집행인이다" 보들레르 인용. 너는 나땜에 죽고 나는 너땜에 죽는다.

[시간의 시작] 이유가 무엇일까요?

인생공동체란 뜻인데, 그녀가 이해했을지 모르겠다.

 현대국어를 가르키는 마에나카 선생, 자유분방해도 책을 읽는 법을 배운 것 같다.

메이지 시대의 문예평론가이자 시인인 기타무라 도코쿠(北村透谷) 마에나카선생은 새벽4시에 일어나 헤겔의 정신현상학을 읽은 후에 출근하셨다.

어딘지 오시마 나기사 감독의 영화 "일본의 밤과 안개(1960)"의등장인물같은 아우라http://www.pressian.com/article/article.asp?article_num=40080603120800&Section= 고등학교 때 친한 친구는 시오자키 야스히사(정치가)와 바바겐지(카메라맨, '액션카메라기술') 요시모토 다카아키 (吉本 隆明 1924.11.25 - * 내 안의 행복 * 요시모토 바나나의 아버지)오에 겐자부로 (大江健三郞 1935.1.31- * 1994년 만연한 원년의 풋볼로 노벨문학상)애드문트 후설 (Edmund Husserl, 1859.4.8 - 1938.4.27)등의 책을 읽고 토론함 고등학교 입학이 1967년인데 그 해 봄 스나가와(砂川)에서, 가을에는 하네다에서 반(反)요요기 계열 전학련 학생들의 격렬한 투쟁이 있었음.  * 시부야구 요요기에 일본공산당 본부가 있음.  1960년 안보투쟁 때 일본공산당과 스탈린주의를 단죄하는 세력이 전학련의 주류파가 되어 이를 반요요기계열 전학련의 뿌리가 됨* 스나가와의 자위대 활주로 연장사업  우주는 매우 광활하게 넓지만 사람이 있는 지구는 우주의 중심이다사람을 위해 이런 우주를 창조하셨다하나님의 신은 수면 위에 운행하시니라 : 물은 지구의 탄생과 함께 존재했으며 지구는 물로 둘러싸여 있었다  창세기 1장 3절

: 시간과 생명체의 시작 하나님이 이르시되 빛이 있으라 창세기 3절부터 나오는 7일창조는 시간과 공간의 시작을 의미한다 시간과 공간은 물질의 영역이다피조물의 영역이다하나님의 형상을 입은 사람을 위해 생물(식물,어류,파충류,조류,포유류)과 우주의 별과 빛과 시간을 창조하셨다 하나님은 시간과 공간에 존재하는 분이 아니다하나님께서 속한 영역은 세상과 물질의 공간이 아니다차원이 높은 영역이다우주와 지구는 하나님이 거주하시는 영역이 아닌 별도의 공간을 만드신 것을 의미한다기존에 없었던 새로운 영역을 만드신 것이다하나님의 나라(천국)보다 낮은 영역인 공간이 새로 창조되었다는 것이다새로운 영역을 만드신 이유는 새로운 존재, 물질로 구성된 생명체를 담기 위해서이다창세기에는 땅이라는 단어가 271번 나오는데 땅은 하나님이 거주하시는 하늘과 대비하여 물질적인 사람이 거주하는 장소를 의미한다이것이 천지창조다 마치 TV안에 부품들이 동작하여 화면을 만들어 내지만TV는 TV밖의 세상을 전혀 이해하지 못하는 것과 같다인간이 하나님을 볼 수 없고 이해하지 못하는 이유다사람은 어떻게 하나님께서 말씀으로만 천지를 창조할 수 있는지 이해하지 못한다단지 인간은 하나님이 계시해준 정보(성경)를 통해서만 하나님을 이해할 수 있다그러므로 TV안의 세상보다 TV밖의 세상이 더 실제적이고 차원이 높은 세계다인간이 TV안의 세계를 벗어나는 길은 죽음을 통해서다인간은 시간과 공간의 지배를 받고 있는데 하나님께서 우주를 그렇게 만드셨기 때문이다그러나 물질의 세계를 벗어나 하나님의 나라에 들어가면 모든 것이 더 명확해지고 이해할 수 있다바울은 우리가 거울로 보는 것처럼 희미하고(당시 거울은 동으로 만들었다) 부분적으로 알지만온전한 것이 올 때에는 우리가 온전히 알게 될 것이라고 기록했다바울 자신이 천국에 다녀 온 경험이 있었기 때문에 이런 상황을 이해할 수 있었다 빛과 어둠을 나누시다 창조의 신비와 빛과 어둠의 존재는 하나님께서 의도하신 개념이다하나님은 물질적인 공간에 빛을 창조하시고 빛과 어둠을 나누었다곧 빛과 어둠의 경계를 정하였다는 뜻이다그것은 영적세계의 룰이 물질의 세계에도 적용되었다는 것으로빛에 속할 것인지, 어둠에 속할 것인지 구별하는 기준(성경)을 정하시고피조물들이 그들의 자유의지와 지혜를 따라 선택할 권한을 주신 것이다?왜 이런 기준을 만드셨는지는 신비에 속하지만 그것은 하나님의 공의에 속한다피조물이 신적 존재로 차원상승하기 위한 과정일 수도 있다공의를 세웠다는 것은 세상이 하나님께 속한 영역과 하나님께 속하지 않는 영역이 있다는 의미다그것이 바로 흑암의 영역에서 빛의 영역을 구별하여 나누신 의미다하나님의 통치권에 순종하는 것이 빛이요하나님께 불순종하고 흑암의 세계에 가담하는 것이 악이다혹자는 스스로 숨어 계시는 하나님이라 말도 하지만빛(하나님)뿐 아니라 악도(사단) 모두 숨겨진 상태다그것이 영계와 물질계의 룰이다그럼에도 사람은 그의 지혜를 통하여 빛과 악을 분별하고 하나님을 찾아낼 수 있다?그리고 빛과 악의 결과는 천국과 지옥이다  참조 : 현대인을 위한 창세기
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